Haul Truck Driver

Coeur Wharf Resources (USA), Inc.
Job Description
Haul Truck Operator
Haul truck operator personnel are responsible for the performance of the following duties in a safe and productive manner:
Job Duties (Not Limited to):
  • Drive a 100 and 150-ton off road haul truck with dump body over gravel haul roads.
  • Perform a walk-around inspection at the beginning and end of each shift to ensure the truck is in a safe and proper running condition
  • Dump material in designated areas, such as dumps and the crusher hopper in a fashion to increase production and safety
  • Remove debris from haul road if necessary, to maintain maximum tire life
  • Clean the truck as needed for services and operations
  • Fuel the truck as required and at the end of each shift
  • Assist crusher operator in extraction of material from crusher if needed
  • Assist in general mine labor as assigned
Physical Requirements
  • Work in all conditions and environments, approximately 80% of job is outdoors
  • Able to lift 65 lbs. on an occasional basis
  • Able to walk up and down slopes and uneven ground daily
Workplace Requirements
  • Follow all procedures and safety standards to assure safe production
  • Work as a team member and communicate openly with others
  • Self-directed and able to take leadership role on many projects
  • Willing to stop work for safety concerns and always abide by safety best practices, policies and procedures
  • 5-5-4 Schedule, alternating shifts.
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